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Black Noodles Copy

Inspired new dish

Charred Grilled Trout with Black Noodles and Orange and Pomegranate Salsa

black noodles on plate

The noodles are quite impressive on their own

I created a dish recently that I think is one of my best ever, so thought I would share it! The combination of flavours and the different colours make this really something special.

The dish is a fillet of local trout, brined and charred grilled, then served with black noodles, and a salsa of orange and pomegranate with rocket  and herb mayonnaises.
Here’s my recipe for black noodles – it makes 1½ lb.
12oz strong OO FlourThe dish in progress
4oz semolina
4 eggs
2 tsp olive oil
Black squid ink
In a robot chef or mixer add all ingredients and mix into very fine crumb, then knead into a firm paste. Rest for 5 minutes in cling film. Roll out using pasta machine, (Number 1, 3, 5 then 7) and allow to dry for five minutes before cutting. Use the fine cutter on the pasta machine.
Boil in plenty of water with a orange strips little oil and seasoning for 2 minutes refresh in cold water, strain and toss in a little olive oil and seasoning. To serve simply reheat in a little butter.
Points to watch – make sure the pasta is dry, and don’t over cook the noodles.